It's Aries season and I think I've been sitting too much. Binding and sewing are rather sedentary crafts. Even if you stand while working, you're still being still. And everything is close to you. You're pulled in tight. Everything exists roughly six inches from your face and it makes the world small. Aries season asks... Cross that, she demands that you move. Because Aries season is not a gentle request. She enters with a bang, declaring loudly that she has arrived. Or maybe that's just how it feels having an Aries sun... Regardless, the amount of energy I suddenly found myself over flowing with as the astrological calendar reset has made it difficult to sit and bind. Or paint. Or sew. There have been moments I felt I might just vibrate right out of my skin and the result has been a wild level of anxiety riddled mania. While absolutely fantastic for getting things done (and get things done I have) it's somewhat of a hinderance for stringing words together to form a coherent thought. Or for sitting still enough, long enough, to follow where a painting is leading. One thought simply bleeds into the next without any clear direction, beginning or end, or explanantion as to how you arrived there. Then, as soon as the explanation seems to be within reach, you're once again shuttled off by another train of thought to a new, mysterious direction. The result? A million protects started at once. Such as the sudden need to repaint and decorate the second bathroom and mud room. This included: - repainting the walls - dyeing and sewing a curtain for the bathroom - installing new privacy vinyl on the window - dyeing all our old, white towels to hide all the dingy use stains. - cutting and hanging a window shelf and little wall ladder for our cat - repainting the door between the mudroom and laundry room It was just about all I did for a week in between motherhood and working at the market with the hubby. Then suddenly (and some what simultaneously) I'm finishing our dinner table and reclaiming an old mirror. Which lead to fiddling around with clay and sculpting some rather falix like items to fill in a missing section of the mirror frame.

(Why? It made me laugh. And because it hangs in our living room directly across from a piece of art of a naked woman. End of joke.) Tackling (or at least beginning to tackle) the garden. And a resurrecting of my sketchbook practice:

(a habit, I'm desperately hoping I'll hold onto, because these are just magical, of I do say myself) *Deep exhale* Kinda wish it could be Aries season all year long...

Because the result of the past two weeks of go-go-go. My mind was clear enough for these lovelies to come through:

They aren't signed yet, but should be available for purchase in the shop soon.

 You can now shop the collection in person at NoMa Warehouse, Indah Coffee and The Collective