Yesterday morning was one of those mornings parenthood gifts you that has you asking, "Is it bedtime yet?" before you've finished your first cup of coffee.

The little guy woke up in a rotten mood. The kind of mood where even the attempt at putting him down caused him to erupt in tears. All which was 100% the combo of exhaustion from a couple of long days in a row, discomfort from cutting two teeth and frustration over the difficulty of moving with a casted leg (I'll get to that story another time).

After all, even as an adult all of that would be tough to stay chipper through, let alone as a one year old. So I wasn't surprised in the least that he woke feeling rough, I'd just hoped his very long morning nap would have bought him a little reprieve. Ha!

Mix that with having to solo it all day while dad was at work meant a lot of deep breaths taken by mama. Its hard to hear your baby fuss and know the reason, but be unable to change it. It simply hurts and it’s overwhelming - there’s no way around that one. I’m learning there are going to be times you can’t fix it and all you can do is be here in it with them.

And frankly, it's just hard to be around that much constant noise. All. Day. Long.

Thankfully when his afternoon nap rolled around, he actually gave into it. I will admit it was one of those later afternoon naps where maybe I should have tried to keep him awake until bedtime because it was going to throw that off. However, I also knew we may not survive to see bedtime if he didn’t take it. So we chose the nap.

Which meant I got to sneak in some much needed and uninterrupted studio time.

And actually enjoy a cup of coffee while it was hot.

Shit. Parenthood is a ride.

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