Here we go, third attempt at a nap today. It took two tried for the morning nap, maybe it will be the same for the afternoon one. Fingers crossed,

Because I have deadlines that are quickly approaching in the studio (one or two that have possibly already passed) and I'm struggling to get more then ten minutes of focus before I have to once again stop the little guy from knocking over lamps, pulling plugs out of outlets or causing some other semi-dangerous mayhem.

I can already hear the voices saying 'it gets better' and 'it goes so fast, you'll miss it when it's gone' and this isn't a post about how I can't wait for this to pass, because I'm in no rush for anything to pass- it's already going way too fast.

I just wish he'd take his naps so he'd feel better because he's so clearly in need of sleep.

I'd also really like to enjoy one fresh, hot cup of coffee without interruption. And cross at least one item off my ever growing to-do list. Because it is quickly becoming a mountain that is taking up way too much mental space. I hate feeling pulled in a million mental directions when he's awake. I am terrified, in some not-far-off distant future, he'll look back on his childhood and only have memories of me not paying attention to him because I was too busy trying to chase my own dreams.

Ugh, mom guilt. This shits for the dogs.

Until next time.

PS. the above image was a snapped as a celebration of him finally going down... even if it was at 5 pm. Whatever, bedtime be damned, the little guy was finally asleep and I finally had a moment. And yes, I did get to enjoy that WHOLE cup of coffee while it was fresh and hot.

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