An ordinary peak into

An ordinary view from

An ordinary day in

An ordinary studio.

The windows are open.

A cool breeze drifts through at odd intervals,

chased occasionally by the sound of a car driving past.

It’s nothing special.

Nothing glamourous.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite in its plain-ness.

A bit messy even.

It’s nothing special.


it’s m a g i c a l.

For it’s a longed for day dream turned reality,

You see.

Its where my mind is set free to wander to commune with the muses

And my fingers dance behind in an ever constant attempt to keep up

with where they lead.

Where the intangible edges of thoughts and memories

materialize in the most unexpected of ways

and unspoken stories are permitted to blossom amongst the brush strokes.


It’s was just another ordinary moment.

In an ordinary day.

When I snapped this ordinary shot.

To share this ordinary view.

Of this anything but ordinary studio.

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