Have you heard of the Chatty Broads podcast? I can’t remember how I meandered my way into becoming an avid listener, but its one of the three podcasts that I count the days down 'til the next episode drops. Then I discovered that their other halves started the 'Chatty Bros', a bit of a spin off podcast that is anything but ‘professional’ in the traditional podcast sense and all the more hilarious for it.

Sometime around the holidays The Chatty Bros started a segment called ‘plug something’. Since I was already on the pathway of saying ‘fuck it’ to social media as a reliable form of marketing, I decided to take a risk and send in a selection of my handmade journals.

Part of me highly doubted it would be worth it - just about everything else I'd done had fallen flat (but again, most was somehow through the vein of social media…). What I found wild about the experience is that I was dragging my feet to get them mailed off because I was afraid of not failure, but that it might actually work. As though I had gotten comfortable with the familiarity of the 'getting there' phase and was hesitant to step into the 'we're doing this thing successfully' phase.

I am still unpacking that mental mind fuck, but I guess that is what we would call imposter syndrome?

Anyways, once I realized that I kicked myself in the ass and got those journals dropped off in the mail the next day:

Each Friday (Chatty Bro episode drop day) would roll around and I would get super nervous and excited, wondering if they were going to open my journals that week and what they would say. After all, when you send in something for a free plug, you never know what you may get and you might get roasted in the process.

Then this past Friday, while hanging with Kailus with the podcast playing in the background, I suddenly realized the note they were reading sounded just a tad too familiar. Fast forward to 1:28:27 to see the reaction for yourself (personally the Grey’s momentary silence kinda said it all for me).

PS: If you’re into the bachelor/bachelorette, I recommend watching the entire podcast episode.

PSS: The Chatty Bros do not always recap the bachelor/bachelorette (I actually prefer the episodes where they don’t, only because I kinda couldn’t care less about BachNation), but there is a new season currently out, that is what they are focusing a lot of their episodes on now that the Broads have decided to step away from recaps. If you are a BachNation fan, you may recognize Bekah of the Chatty Broads from a previous season.

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