Here are snapshots of the pieces that have begun their unfolding this past week:

I'm still bemused (and amused) by the contradiction that the less time I spend in the studio, the more (and often times, better) work I am able to create.

It's forced me to fight against the entire programming of my must be doing-doing-doing mind-set. A mindset that, while instilled with the best of intentions by a midwestern-raised, pulled-himself-up-by-his-boot-straps father, sadly had the unfortunate luck of becoming entangled with my inate perfectionist and all-or-nothing tendencies. The result: no off switch. I'm still learning to fight the subtle panic that always follows like a shadow whenever I find myself in a moment of do-nothingness. But with every passing day I find myself reflecting more and more on something my father would say, usually while sitting on our back porch, sipping scotch or drawing deeply on a cigar and that I would youthfully ignore everytime: "I only have so many summers and sunsets left" Occassionally it seems that man was a soothsayer.

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