I just follow him around the house these days.

Canvas or embroidery or journal in hand, so that if I am able, I can work in the brief moments I find inbetween stopping him from committing his latest death defying or injury tempting feat:

Playing with plugs and outlets.

Crawling face first down the stairs.

Flirting with the edge of the porch.

Attempting to crawl in the food warmer section of the stove that he has recently discovered he can open.

*Insert the not amused emoji face here*

All because naps are still a bit of a toss up. Some days, long and reliable. Others are more of a 'we're gonna act super tired all while practicing our gym-nurstics but never actually nap' kinda vibe.

Hence the ever moving studio.

Luckily, the little guy can self entertain for short periods with his books (he looooves books. Especially ones with flaps that flip to reveal something hidden).

Those will give me maybe 15 minutes.

His bouncy swing?

Just the best! You've not seen pure unadulterated joy until you've seen this kiddo in his bouncy swing.

On a good day that will give me 20 minutes - possibly may even get 25.

And some days it's put the little guy on my back for a nap or run errands to induce a driving nap kinda day. Both of these are my least favorites - wearing a twenty pound weight on my back while working is murder on my already pissed off back and I prefer to not run errands.


But I try and find little ways to make that enjoyable- like swinging by a favorite coffee shop or thrift store.

Slowly but surely I'm puzzle piecing together studio time - even if sometimes that means force fitting it into the unpredictability that is parenthood.

Well, the little one has finally given in to his morning nap, and as I'd really like to try and snag some alone time while he snoozes, I'm going to try to detangle myself from his grip. Wish me luck!

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