First show of the year is quickly approaching and with only one month and some change to go, I have been trying to take advantage of every small chunk of time I'm gifted to build out this newest body of work.

Sometimes that’s fifteen minutes while the little guy is fully immersed in one of his texture books or sometimes it's a good hour or so on the odd mooring I happen to wake to at four am (these chunks of time are my favorite).

Much like the montage style of their creation, these pieces have become sound bite-esque in their recording of the moments that have long-since turned to foggy memory, yet, whose ghostly emotional remnants still remain, becoming the evidence they in fact, did once exist beyond the walls of the subconscious.

A record of the felt, rather than the seen.

Or some esoteric, artsy fartsy, bullshit like that to excuse the desire to simply throw paint and scribble on a canvas or panel.

Am I still struggling with that artist statement? 100%. If only I had kept record of the hundreds of shitting drafts I’ve already written and scrapped.....

I've been using a mixture of acrylic and oil sticks, and goodness have I forgotten how gorgeous oil is. It's like painting with butter and the colors are just so vibrant! Some of these pieces are finished, some are so close it feels like I could reach out and touch it, yet it's just beyond my finger tips.

Others, well, let's just say that we're still in the thick of the journey together....

Apologies for the tease of the earlier mention of a first show without providing more details:


March 12th

10 am - 3 pm

Cottontown District

I will be set up at the NoMa Warehouse

 You can now shop the collection in person at NoMa Warehouse, Indah Coffee and The Collective